IRS seeks nominees for Advisory Council

The IRS is seeking nominations for the Internal Revenue Service Advisory Council. Applications will be accepted through June 12, 2020.

The IRSAC provides an organized public forum for IRS officials and representatives of the public to discuss federal tax administration issues. It proposes enhancements to IRS operations; recommends administrative and policy changes to improve taxpayer service, compliance and tax administration; discusses relevant information reporting issues; addresses matters concerning tax-exempt and government entities; and conveys the public’s perception of professional standards and best practices for tax professionals.

Members are appointed to three-year terms and submit a report to the IRS commissioner annually at a public meeting. Applications are being accepted for some 14 appointments that will begin in January.

Nominations may come from individuals or organizations. Members represent a cross-section of the taxpaying public with experience in tax prep for individuals, small businesses and/or large, multinational corporations; information reporting, tax-exempt and government entities; digital services; and professional standards of tax professionals.

The IRSAC seeks applicants with backgrounds in several categories, including large business and international; small business and self-employed; tax-exempt and government entities; and wage and investment. (Additional specific desired backgrounds are on the IRS website.)

Candidates must complete and submit an application and pass a tax compliance and practitioner check. For applicants deemed best qualified, FBI fingerprint checks will also be required. Questions can be emailed to

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